10 Strange Must-Visit Museums

Take a trip and discover this list of the world’s strangest museums. It’s an exploration of must-see, must-visit and must-remember unusual museums that will lead you to unusual paths.

Museum of the Weird

Museum of the Weird
Source: The Austinot

All about the freaky itches

Situated in Austin, Texas, USA, this unusual destination will leave your freaky fancies charged. A tour around this museum lets you witness things that will wonderfully suit your weird side, such as shrunken heads, human freaks, animal mutations, skeletons and stuff from Sci-fi films. As soon as the ride begins, it’s basically easy to get yourself engrossed with each of the exhibit displayed and performances showed in the museum. America’s strangest attraction – a marvelously bizarre, unusual and freaky trip, doesn’t offer too much space to be wandered about, but it sure gives you a splendidly peculiar trip worth the bills.

Cancun Underwater Museum

Cancun Underwater Museum
Source: Aquaworld

Diving deep into the breathtaking underwater realm

Consisting of about 500 life-sized sculptures, Cancun Underwater Museum is a unique monumental underwater contemporary museum. The whole attraction is a beautiful merge of art and environmental science that offers tourists an array of stimulating activities while getting breathless with each monumental sculptures along the coral reefs. Activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling are among the things one can indulge in the ocean. Occupying over 420 sq meters, all artistic installations in the museum are known by many as one of the most ambitious and remarkable attractions one should witness once in their lives.

Condom Museum

Condo Museum
Source: 10Best

Talking about awareness and exploration in one

Among the interesting things one can find in Thailand would include its quirky museum of condoms. This shouldn’t be much surprise as the country is also known as one of the largest producers of condoms in the world. Located at Ministry of Public Health, Building 9, Department of Medical Sciences Bangkok, a tour around this place enlightens visitors on the history of condom awareness, which could shed light on overcoming the negative relations attached with the use of condom. The museum houses a selection of various spectrums in different flavors, sizes and colors, along with testing rooms that exhibit the strength of sample rubbers.

The Mütter Museum, Philadelphia, USA

The Mütter Museum
Source: Visit Philadelphia

A broad discovery on medical history

“Are You Ready to Be Disturbingly Informed?” – As the museum’s welcoming line goes. Now, this doesn’t need too much introduction, as what you’re about to encounter is nothing but just a wide collection of awesome medical anomalies, models, specimens and instruments. This sprawling museum of medical history offers visitors an understanding on the mystery that lies upon the human body as well as an exploration on the history of diagnosis of disease and its treatment. Among the peculiar artifacts one can find in the museum includes a jar of picked human skin, a cross-section of a human face, and a bunch of 139 skulls on display.

Museum of Bad Art, Massachusetts

Museum of Bad Art
Source: Creators

A strikingly unique spot

This museum is an ideal place for people who like to embrace the hilarious side of everything. It’s definitely a place to gather amusement while appreciating every form of art. MOBA is dedicated on the celebration of bad artworks exhibited for any speculative eye. Though the museum isn’t as expansive as the others, the whole collection of  entertaining pieces is enough to make visitors be enthralled in different whirl of emotions. The exciting part about visiting here is that it leaves the viewers the interpretation to every artwork exhibited. Now, who decides whether it’s good art or not – you be the judge.

Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures

Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures
Source: Atlas Obscura

An enchanting site of macabre

Anyone who holds an earnest interest on the realm of vampires and other legendary creatures must not miss the chance of visiting this unique museum. After serious dedications on the study of vampirism, occidental folklore and esoterism, scholar and macabre-specialist Jacques Sirgent led the doorway to a private museum encircling on vampires. Inside, your eyes will be showered with various treats of Dracula toys, vampire killing kit, antique books as well as Hammer Film collectibles and more. Located in Les Lilas, France, the alluring, eccentric vibe that will engulf you is one of the rarest experiences you can’t have every day.

The Museum of Death

The Museum of Death
Source: The Lineup

For a horrifyingly informative experience

This place isn’t designed for the faint-hearted. But if looking at gruesome artifacts, harrowing photos of war and crime, shrunken heads, and immersing in relics of serial killers are included in your faculty of taste, then, this is the perfect match for your feet to wander along. Founded in 1995, this is a self guided tour which holds the largest collection autopsy instruments, crime scene photos, serial murderer artwork, morgue images, body bag and coffin, replicas of execution devices and a lot of other grisly stuff. Witnessing collections of these reflect a deeper study on death and offers an informative view on controversial happenings.

Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments

Museum of medieval torture instruments
Source: TripAdvisor

A disturbing look on the past

Unraveling the painful punishments and verdicts in the past is what this unusual museum provides. By examining a wide range of instruments like the guillotine and the inquisition chair, visitors can take a historical reference of the painful image of the middle ages. It comprises of over 40 instruments used for punishment, together with respective background information available in 8 different languages. Aside from that, it also provides guided tours for organized associations and schools, highlighting informative notion on death penalty and torture.

Meguro Parasitological Museum

 Meguro parasitological museum
Source: Time Travel Turtle

Unique array of interesting species

This is one of Tokyo, Japan’s popular attractions that serves as a fascinating galore of parasites. It’s an interesting take on different kinds of parasites where one can learn about the world’s longest tapeworm, which measures 8.8 meters all in all. Along with it, visitors can play or feel the worms intricate dimensions using a rope that is accompanied on it. It features distinct parasites that infect humans and animals, consisting over 45,000 parasite specimens all over.

International UFO Museum and Research Center

 International UFO Museum and Research Center
Source: TripAdvisor

Embarking on a land of discovery and depth

International UFO Museum and Research Center is an interesting destination to learn more about questions concerning UFOS. Besides, it provides informative films and exhibits that will satisfy your pondering on certain happenings. Simply impressive, it’s a definite must-visit not just for all walks of life, either you are interested in UFOS or not as the museum brings you a refreshing splash of compelling information. To add up to the icing of the cake, it’s also packed up with friendly and accommodating staff members with easygoing faculties.