Amazing Art Forms That will Captivate You In No Time

There are extraordinary ways to create boundless art. Dedicating oneself to art means exploring diverse and innovative forms – may it be through the use of tin foil, matches, paper, feathers or just about anything that you feel like transforming to. Find yourself whatever resources you can get and start making art – there are no restrictions; no limitations. As Andy Warhol said it, “Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art” – creating art shouldn’t be bottled in just one form; it’s a ceaseless highway of creativity and exploration. See this list of exceptionally worth-seeing artworks and capture inspiration right away.

Hands Art

Handmade Brilliance

The things one can create just by the mere use of hands are countless. Guido Daniele brings numerous impressive arts through hand painting. He can make colorful portraits of bridges, elephants, corals, eagles, butterflies, iguana and more by plastering different colors on his hands to create awesome lists of visual representations. Besides, he is also well-recognized for his body paintings, which can be accessed in his very own site.

Tin Foil Art

Magnificent Art Idea

An unusual creation done by Dominic Wilcox, this artwork made use of a tin foil. The exciting process of this brings out a thrilling effect of fascinating layers and textures. By placing “the tin foil on an old plaster mold of his face,” Wilcox generates an interesting outburst of creativity. This is actually an interesting idea to be used as an alternative for a face mask.  If you notice a pack of tin foil lying on your kitchen cabinet, you know what to do.

Feather Art

The process to create this kind of art, just as all art forms are, requires a lot of patience. Different creations are produced through the use of pigeon feathers, grouping each to unleash a marvelous masterpiece. The medium to be used to accomplish this artwork elaborates its intricate beauty all the way more. Aside from the sophisticated details that are enchanting to the eyesight, the soft touch the whole design of feathers brings adds more icing to the cake.   A world-renowned British sculptor, Kate McGwire has exhibited a lot of her astounding artworks and has been known “for employing natural materials to explore the play of opposites at an aesthetic, intellectual and visceral level.”

Matches Art

Blazing Finery

The next time you run out of resources to convey your art, just grab the nearest matchbox you can find and get things done. Who would have thought such beautiful art could be made from thin sample of matchsticks? Well, most people would claim so during their childhood, but it was Pei-San Ng who dedicated herself in creating brilliant artworks through the use of matchsticks. Her iconic artworks have gained attention across the globe, with each of the designs crafted to be set on fire for the second artwork, for the viewers to watch. The burning process gives an even more stunning effect to the design.  She has claimed that over 2,000 standard matches are what she needs to accomplish each of her unique creations.

Human flowers

Another artwork that proves the bounty possibilities of art, human flowers are an interestingly captivating creation by Cecelia Webber. The highly intricate designs produced by the body positions are extremely exhilarating to the eyes. This is a definite must-see that deserves great appreciation. Webber started with the single idea that creating flowers out of people who are depicted in various positions would generate a fascinating effect. And that vision was incredibly realized. Since then, she has produced different designs using different human positions. Her works have ranged from human flowers, bones of a fish, butterflies and owls.

Faceless Art

Dutch Artist Sabi van Hemert makes faceless artworks, which are fused out of animals and children figures. The effect that the combination brings creates rather eccentric and interesting figures. The artist has claimed that upon creation, she wanted to “evoke associations with people and animals” as well as portray the “balance between the many conflicting feelings and thoughts that a man can have along with the balance between opposites as attractive, repulsive, happy, sad or fear and security.” She added that her “pictures have something in them that causes you to think what to see and feel that it gives you, and then confirm again denied.”

Colored Pencil Art

Beauty in details

It’s an incredible pursuit to delve into different art forms that flourish unusual resources. Colored Pencils are greatly used in adding life to an illustration but Jennifer Maestra has explored deeper on what she can produce out of this medium. What she made was a splendid creation of artistic figures, all in different, intricate shapes. Her exhibits include a detailed sculpture of a cycad, watchtower, teatray and many more. Artist Jennifer Maestre has never ceased to devote herself in making beautiful sculptures out of various colored pencils.

Paper Art

Attentive Exquisiteness

This is another example of an artwork that demands careful attention and patience.  Through a simple use of a paper, one can already create a beautiful masterpiece of cutout papers. The process of making this can be really complicated, as the result of your design could depend on how good your hands are in captivating the accurate layout of the design, paired with any available cutting device. In achieving this task, you must have relaxed but focused hands in order to create the kind of figure you want to depict.  While you’re stuck in a bored situation, you might as well grab the piles of paper on your desk and turn them into elaborate, artistic works of art.

Glass Art

Created to examine the impact of diseases, this unique artwork was designed to be another exemplification to the “artificially coloured imagery of viruses.” Luke Jerram looks through the meticulous beauty of viruses, which is portrayed in his glass figurines. This is another form of a peculiar art that is worth appreciating. A Bristol-based installation artist, Luke Jerram makes large installations, live arts projects and sculptures. His works include the “Sky Orchestra” as well as the renowned Glass Virus sculptures.  Jerram’s Glass Microbiology has earned him the “Institute for Medical Imaging Award.”