FFXIV Paintings

FFXIV Paintings

First, let’s acknowledge the gaming world specific to Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy is a Japanese science fiction/fantasy franchise or roleplaying video game (RPG) that has been around for years; the first of the series being released in 1987.

Over the years, multiple installments have been released from the original all the way to the most recent, Final Fantasy XV. The series can be played on multiple platforms, from a personal computer to a variety of video game consoles.


Final Fantasy Paintings XIV Paintings and How They Work

If you have ever had the pleasure of playing the fourteenth installment, otherwise known as FFXIV, then you may have wondered about paintings, specifically, what they are, how to get them, and how to frame them.

First, it should be known that paintings are only available to purchase after you have unlocked a specific location in your Sightseeing Log. The Sightseeing Log is a collection of Lore entries that come from numerous locations around Eorzea, the fictional land within Final Fantasy.

Within the Sightseeing Log, there are clues given that a player must solve in order to unlock more information about a specific location. To unlock the entries within the log you must complete a quest of a specific level, which will vary based on which entries you are looking to unlock.

To complete an entry, you must find the location based on the clue given and then perform an emote, a command entered through the chat interface thus causing your character to animate. Once you have performed the right emote, at the right location, you will unlock the log entry.

Although there are many locations throughout the world of Eorzea, the specific location that you seek in order to obtain paintings is known as The Hard Place. The Hard Place is within the world of Hydaelyn, and the region of Dravania, or more to the point, the zone Idyllshire.

FFXIV Paintings

Selecting a Frame for Your Painting

Once you have visited this specific place and have met the Joyous Painter you will then, and only then, be able to purchase a painting from him. Picture frames are needed in order to hang any purchased paintings, they include Grade 1, small, Grade 2, medium, or Grade 3, large.

By selecting a picture frame will allow you to choose which painting you would like to put on display. The pictures are of landscapes collected from the game and are hung on your in-game house wall as a decorative touch.

If you have unlocked the correct location you are also able to access the paintings on the market board where you may sell or purchase them. In order to see what paintings are available for acquisition all you have to do is select the Paintings Section of the Housing Category within the Market Board.

Increase the Number of Paintings Available

At first, you may not see very many paintings to purchase, therefore, in order to increase the number available, you will need to obtain the following achievements. The first is Out of Sight, this is unlocked by completing entries 1-20 from your Sightseeing Log.

The second, The Out of Sight Out of Mind achievement is unlocked when you complete all of the entries 1 through 80 in your log. This completion of this specific achievement also requires you to collect your achievement reward from Jonathan who resides in Old Gridania.

Obviously, you will want to preview any painting before you purchase it, this can be done by selecting the preview subcommand after you have clicked on the name of the painting that interests you. The following menus will also allow for you to preview a painting: Shops, Market Board, Items linked in the log window, and Inventory.

Don’t Forget Frames for Your FFXIV Paintings

Remember, you will require picture frames in order to properly display your purchased paintings. The smallest frame, Grade 1 requires a Level 40 carpenter as well as 2 Mahogany Lumbers, 2 Walnut Lumbers, 2 Linseed Oils, 2 Cotton Canvases, 5 Wind Shards, and 4 Ice Shards.

If you choose to hang your painting in a Grade 3 frame you will need a Level 60 carpenter, 4 Treated Camphorwood Lumbers, 4 Ancient Lumbers, 4 Astral Oils, 4 Linen Canvases, 3 Wind Clusters, and 2 Ice Clusters.

Now you hopefully have a better understanding of Final Fantasy Paintings and how they work. There is no magic to them, they simply are nice to display and require you to unlock achievements within your Sightseeing Log. Just remember to keep in mind, if you choose to remove a painting, it will be permanently discarded.

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