The Most Recognized Museums in History

There are over 50, 000 museums in the world, each having its own story and collection of history. But there are certain museums that have created abuzz all over the years. These sites exude fascinating features and significant stories, which made them as some of the most recognized museums in history.

Le Louvre, France

Cream of the Crop

Topping the most visited museum with over 7.4 million people in 2016 and every year, Louvre Museum is a pantheon of one of the finest artworks existing in the world. It is the oldest and largest museum in France and the home of Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world.  It also houses other masterpieces such as Venus de Milo and The Winged Victory of Samothrace. Louvre was established in 1793 exhibiting 537 paintings and currently consists of more than 35,000 collections from the Mesopotamian civilizations, ancient Egyptians and Greeks up until the middle of the 19th century. This historic monument has eight art division categorized into Greek, Islamic art, Near eastern antiquities, Egyptian Antiquities, Decorative art, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities, painting, and print & drawing. Accordingly, there may be more and more new museums created, but Le Louvre remains to be one of the most popular museums in the world.

Tate Modern, London

Talk about contemporary masterpiece

Source: Raredelights

Talk about contemporary masterpiece

The Tate Modern is London’s free national museum of modern and contemporary art founded in 2000, making it very popular among locals and tourists. It is situated in the former Bankside Power Station originally designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and was later converted by architects Herzog & de Meuron and contractors Carillion. The 99m tall gallery had only started with small collection of British artworks then later grew up to nearly 70,000 at present. The Turbine Hall is the length of entire building where you can relish the national collection of British art from 1500 to the present day. Incredible works by Cézanne, Bonnard, Matisse, Picasso, Rothko, Dalí, Pollock, Warhol and Bourgeois are all in appearance in this museum. Recently, the collection has expanded its collection of contemporary and modern art from Africa, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and South Asia. Alongside the international art, Tate Modern provides other facilities suitable for seminars, bookshops and other cultural events.

National Museum of Korea, Seoul

Land of the Morning Calm’s treasures

Talk about the richness of a country’s culture and historical era, The National Museum of Korea takes you just there as it presents you with the nation’s ancient cultural assets and captivating treasures – all ready for you to embrace. But not only does it boast of the Land of the Morning Calm’s ancient times but it also takes you to the modern era creations of its new generations. It is the largest museum found in South Korea that displays more than 310,000 artifacts however 15,000 pieces are on display at a time for maintenance and protection. The museum contains the Lord Buddha’s Sculptures, Baekje Incense Burner, Golden Treasures for the Great Tomb of Hwangham, and other medieval and early modern history prints, inscriptions, maps, documents plus relics that date back to prehistoric history. Other notable exhibit includes ceramics, wartime relics, paintings, sketches, drawings, artifacts and many more. Other than touring yourself with the vast array of the nation’s exhibit, the museum also provides cultural activities related to collection, preservation, research and analysis, social training, academic publications, intercultural exchange programs, concerts and seminars. Here, a lot of visitors from all walks of life can get to participate and advocate in varying educational events and cultural programs. If you are interested to be educated and be immersed of this country’s abundance, this museum is sure to endow you with quality and revered information. On top of it all, the museum also offers a stretch of green and environmental areas that radiates its peaceful and sacred atmosphere.

National Palace Museum, Taipei

Chinese Antiques all over

Source: Eng Taiwan

Chinese Antiques all over

Right above you is the world’s largest collection of priceless and finest Chinese art treasures situated in Taipei & Taibao, Taiwan. It is called The National Palace Museum that boasts over 700,000 art objects of Chinese imperial collection that date back to the 10th century. It was established in the year 1925 that protects the extraordinary assortment of Chinese painting, calligraphy, statuary, bronzes, lacquer ware, ceramics, religious objects and pieces that lived over multiple dynasties. To mention a few more are rare books, special exhibits, Qing and Ming dynasty furnitures, religious sculptures, and stunning jade collection covering weapons, teapots, ritual objects and the jade cabbage. The museum is spread over 4 floors and 2 exhibition halls and its exhibits are continuously on rotation to prevent wear. Hence, a small percentage of the collection can only be displayed at a given time so do check your schedule right ahead of visit. It is estimated that nearly 14,000 people visit the massive museum a day mostly comprised of mainland Chinese to visit their family jewels. It is with no doubt that given its fascinating preservation of Chinese artifacts over hundreds of years; this museum will leave one with the same massive respect and captivation that it surely offers to everyone.

Vatican Museum, Italy

The spectacular interiors inside the museum

The Musei Vaticani is the world’s second oldest museum that can be dated back in the 15th century.  With the immense cultural collection by popes and many religious individuals, the site has expanded over the years. It contain several masterpieces, ranging from sculptures, paintings and other related works of art. But something that makes the Vatican Museum quite unique from other museums is the fascinating features all over the surrounding— lush gardens, pontifical villas and more. The trip to the museum allows you to travel back time and witness the beauty of historical arts and sites. You can also access the pope’s official summer residence and wander along the extensive botanical and archaeological wonders all over the place. And if you don’t want to waste your time walking, don’t worry because you Vatican offers full day trip by train.