Unusual Painting Techniques

What makes an artist stand out is his or her ability to explore different avenues in conveying his or her art. In painting, there are no borders that artists are unwilling to take down. All walls must be shattered; each door should be wide opened; and no means must be left uncharted. Each may trust in the most unusual resources and transform it into mouth-gaping masterpieces. On this account, here are some unusual yet incredibly authentic painting techniques that will make you shake your head in amazement. Check them out and be in awe!

Painting using the tongue

Bizarre painting method

This technique is definitely out of the box and dangerous when performed. Painting with the use of the tongue can bring negative effects, as claimed by the explorative drawing teacher, Ani K, who at first attempt, had suffered severe head and body aches, but later got immune to it through regular practice. He paints with his tongue on a daily basis and has since finished about 20 watercolors, including the 8ft wide, The Last Supper, which took five months to be accomplished. This technique may seem totally bizarre but the bottom line is, it actually works and can even produce beholding artworks. Just remember not to swallow the paint while doing so.

Painting with basketball

Want to know what other marvelous instrument you can use as a brush? Artist Hong Yi will show you so. A basketball can’t only be used in the court, it can, surprisingly, efficaciously work on the naked canvass. If you enjoy the sweaty, hardcore life inside the court at the same time relish the tranquil adventure of colors, you can combine both and create a masterpiece. One impressive artwork Hong Yi has created is a painting of the basketball player Yao Ming. Now, what a great way to pair your two passions into one remarkable work of art!

Painting using the eyes

Strange, artistic ways

Source: sites.alriyadh

Strange, artistic ways

Another strikingly unusual method of painting is exemplified by an artist from the province of Hunan, China. Xiang Chen shows a different take on creating his calligraphy paintings by attaching a paintbrush to his eyes. He does this strange method by inserting the flat metal end of the paintbrush under one if his eyelids and then dragging it along with his eye to begin his paintings. This bizarre technique entails careful patience and surely deserves appreciation.

Painting with vomit

This kind of method certainly takes a lot of effort, and well, vomit. You’ll never know what an artist will do to convey his or her art. Millie Brown, a vomit painter, proves that there is no limit as to what you can do with art. No paintbrush needed. All it takes is a drink of assorted colored milks and a regurgitation of these onto the white canvas. Brown has already mastered this kind of technique and has since created worth a thousand dollars abstract paintings through her vomits.

Painting using dead ants

Exquisitely painstaking process

Source: YouTube

Exquisitely painstaking process

Hailing from Claremont, California, a venturesome artist brings another flavor to his paintings. Chris Trueman uses a unique medium in making his artworks, which involves ants.  He made use of 200,000 dead ants to form a picture of his brother, back on his younger days with a rifle on his hand and dressed as a cowboy. In completing this painting, the artist admitted that he had a considerably hard time as he hated the idea of killing the ants. His ant painting is called “Self-Portrait With a Gun,” which has been sold to the U.S. franchise Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Painting under the sea

A group of Ukranian artists take painting into a whole different level. This painting technique brings a fun and challenging experience into the refreshing waters of the Black Sea. Equipped with scuba gears, the artists can paint on the canvasses that are shielded with waterproof adhesive coating, for as long as 40 minutes underwater. Stimulating enough? This exciting technique requires daring individuals who wouldn’t mind diving underwater at the same time creating a masterpiece.

Painting using breasts

Another original technique demonstrated by Kira Ayn Varszegi exemplifies the limitless possibilities of creating art. The American artist used her breasts to complete her paintings by applying oil paint to her breasts and then pressing them against the white canvas. Using clever transfer techniques and well-balanced color combinations, Varszegi repeats the process until incredible shapes and designs immerge. The established artist has explored on various unique mediums in creating her artworks such as toys and vegetables.

 Painting using ashes

A painting that speaks

Source: YouTube

A painting that speaks

After the death of her close friend, Heidi Hatry created an innovative method of painting portraits. Using human ashes, she mixes the layers of wax and applies it using a scalpel to create portraits of the decease. Moved by her artworks, a lot of people have entrusted their loving member’s ashes to her in order to replicate their likeness in the paintings. The people have stated the overwhelming feeling that fills inside them; the unexplainable calmness that flood upon the presence of the paintings. As she has stated, The Romans said “vita brevis, ars longa” – Life is short, art is long – and I feel that this is a respectful way not only of honouring the ones we loved and of keeping them with us, keeping them in mind and in some sort of ordinary relationship to us, but of sustaining the part of us that was them, the pain of losing which we tend to feel and to express as grief.’

Painting using human blood

Incredibly detailed manifestation

Source: PSFK

Incredibly detailed manifestation

Vinitius Quesada is a virtuoso in delivering his unique craft. Exploring on two unusual mediums, he uses blood and urine in conveying his paintings. Quesada’s artworks are extremely detailed, and mostly filled with psychedelic art. The Brazilian street artist has claimed that the blood he used for his paintings were only from him, although others have often wanted to offer, since he believed that blood banks are much in need of it more than his art. As found in his series entitled, “Blood Piss Blues,” his artworks on geishas, buildings, monkeys and other interesting paintings are shown.

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